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Mastotesti Surf-Magazine

Postby PGVirtual » 29.7.2013 10:01

Tässä oleellisimmat kohdat Surf-Magazinen mastotestistä numerossa 8/2013. Käänsin englaniksi jotta yleisö voisi olla hiukan isompi kuin vain suomenkieliset surffaajat.

Surf measured a bunch of masts from a few manufacturers and was able to conclude some rules, but also some obvious anomalies.

A mast with less carbon but the correct bend curve for the sail will work better than a full carbon mast with an improper bend curve.
Sails and masts designed for Constant Curve and Constant Flex are generally quite interchangeable without any significant performance problems. However, sails designed for hard top or flex top masts are generally more mast sensitive and require the right type of mast.
The mast bend is not as significant in the wave domain as in freeride and racier sails. A constant Curve/flex mast will work relatively well in both sails designed for Flex top (NP) as well as hard top (Severne). And the Constant Curve/Flex wave sails can be used with both flex top and hard top masts with reasonable performance loss.

Measured 400 cm masts:
• Hard Top: Gaastra RDM, Maui Sails RDM, Unifiber Hard
• Constant Curve: North Sails RDM, Point-7 C100 RDM, Sailloft RDM, Unifiber Const
• Constant Flex: Goya RDM 90, Gun Sails Select 100 RDM, NP X-Combat,
• Flex Top: NP 65 RDM, NP Matrix 100, Unifiber Flex
Measured 460 masts:
• Hard Top: Gaastra 100 SDM, Maui Sails RDM, Severne White Line, Unifiber Hard
• Constant Curve: Gaastra 30 / 75 SDM, Gun Sails Cross SDM, North Sails Red, Point-7 C100 RDM, Sailloft RDM, Unifiber Hard
• Constant Flex: Gun Sails Select SDM, Gun Sails Expert SDM, NP X-35, North Sails Gold, North Sails Platinum, Sailloft SDM / RDM , Severne Enigma, Unifiber Const, Unifiber Flex
• Flex Top: NP Matrix 100, Gun Sails Advantage SDM
Measured 490 masts:
• Hard Top: Gaastra 75 SDM,
• Constant Curve: Gaastra 100 SDM
• Constant Flex: Gun Sails Expert SDM, North Sails Gold, Sailloft SDM, Severne Blue Line
• Flex Top: Gun Sails Select

Real world test: NS S-Type 7,8 on a Gaastra mast. Hard top mast in a sail that wants a Constant Flex mast. When rigged the sail looked quite good, but on water it didn’t work well at all. Poor low end power, unstable, had to be wrestled. But was still able to achieve a decent top end speed, at the cost of all comfort.
Real world test: NP Hornet on a Gaastra mast. Hard top mast in a sail that wants a Flex Top mast. The top end was quite good and functional, but the real strength of the Hornet sail, the bottom end, had disappeared altogether.
Real world test: Gaastra Cosmic 8,0 on a NP X100 mast. Flex top mast in a sail that wants a Hard Top mast. This combination is not as bad as a hard top in a flex top sail. The sail felt overly soft and unresponsive.
Real World test: North S-Type sail and Gun mast. Works perfectly well with no real performance difference. However, the Gun Sails Advantage that turned out to be a Flex top mast destroyed the performance of the NS S-Type (the result would probably have been the same on a high end Gun sail as well!).

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Re: Mastotesti Surf-Magazine

Postby Juki » 1.9.2013 15:36

kyllä suomenkielisiä taitaa olla enemmistö joka tätä palstaa plärää ja varsinkin kun on kyse teknisestä kielestä vielä :roll:
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