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Kit advice please!

PostPosted: 17.6.2010 9:44
by muggers

Sorry to write in english, but my Finnish is terrible! I live in Turku and due to work and family commitments am mostly going to be windsurfing in Ruissalo and Pareinen, I weigh 72kg and am at an Advanced level. Most of my windsurfing has been on the open sea in England where I am quite advanced doing one handed jumps and duck gybes quite comfortably, using an 82ltr F2 wave and a 2002 100ltr fanatic skate 61, which was before they became wide early planning boards. My current sails are 4.7, 5.4 & 6.0.

I am finally about to collect my kit from England and I am not sure what I should bring with me or what I should buy so that I can make the most of the conditions here in Turku. I have lived here for a couple of years and have noticed that it doesn't seem to be very windy very often and that most people seem to use very large kit! I am happy to replace all my kit with something that is more suitable for Finland, but I do not really enjoy using very large sails. If people could give me some ideas of a good quiver for Turku and how often it actually is windy enogh to sail that would be great!

I look forward to your replys and sailing with you soon!


Re: Kit advice please!

PostPosted: 17.6.2010 20:59
by Fin-40

I've been surfing in Ruissalo only few times but seems to me that Ruissalo is not the "Hawaii" of Finland. I guess locals will give better advise but I think large kit will be usefull. Seems to me that Hanko and Yyteri are good places although distance may be the problem.

After all it all depends on what you want... But remember to bring you smallest kit too! There is wind at least sometimes...

You can find locals at or just shouting at SPLL's Chat. English is fine too.