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Board repair in Helsinki?

PostPosted: 7.8.2020 13:38
by globalartwork
Hi All

I put a hole in the deck of my board yesterday. I'm thinking of having a go at repairing it myself, but I know I'll probably make a mess of it :)

If the price is reasonable I'd probably prefer to pay to get it done.

Are there any professional board repairers in the HKI area you could recommend that I could ask for a quote before I start attacking the top deck with a carpet knife?

Also, if you don't know anyone, is there somewhere you recommend for glass fibre and epoxy resin? Googling says there are a few boat sales places on the east side of Lautasaari, anyone recommend a place or is it best to just ask around there? Thanks!

Re: Board repair in Helsinki?

PostPosted: 10.8.2020 10:27
by davve
Hello. If the board is white, use slow-drying Expoxy from Biltema. Is sold in 2-pack of ~100ml jars. Not tubes. This is the really slow-hardening stuff, and is strong and durable. Do not use the cheap-and-cheeerful quick Araldite, you only make a mess with this. Biltema also sells small packets of fibreglass. Depending on the degree of damages, I suggest cut up enough that you can be sure you ventilate the interiors before you do any repairs (no water in hull).
You have it even easier if the damaged parts are at least partially covering the hole so there is a dent inwards. Preferably such you can lay 2 layers of fibreglass and the epoxy there and have it level with the skin off the board.
Cut a slightly larger piece of the fibreglass mat, cut another, and cut enough. Sanding the part where the patch comes is important. Apply the expoxy, and one of the fibre pads. You will need to cover this with more epoxy, and if you need to fill up with more materiaal I recommend tearing more glassfibre pads to individual fibre strands. This makes it more easy for you to fill up the dent. The topmost layer again a fibre mat pad. Try estimate the amountss such you don't have to fill up more later or worse remove surplus. As the epoxy is rather sticky stuff, I have put a kitchen plastic wrap on top of the repair patch to mould the fibre mats and the epoxy, this way they really blend and stick. Best: you can achieve a smooth finish without sharp edgess and even the fibre ends are in the epoxy.

I crashed the boom collar on the aft deck of my ancient Malibu, and by use of above method of repair there is hardly anything visible. Only real close look reveals there is a shiny spot. A little sanding after 24hrs to ensure no fibre strands protruding. I didn't even bother paint the patch afterwards. You can't see it unless you know it is there!

Re: Board repair in Helsinki?

PostPosted: 12.8.2020 20:43
by globalartwork
Thanks for the advice davve.

I ended up chickening out and found a place called Northern Soul surf shop ( The guy there (Jessie) seemed to know his stuff and was comfortable with the repair needed, but he still has the board so I am not sure how good it was yet. The price was pretty reasonable, probably not too far off me buying the repair stuff myself.

Your advice gives me some confidence though, so I think if I get another small hole on my old board, I will probably have a go myself. I really like the idea of the elmukelmu to push and work on the repair without getting too sticky. Thanks for taking the time to reply!

Re: Board repair in Helsinki?

PostPosted: 23.8.2020 21:18
by davve
Could add some more:
- it is a good idea to keep detergent (Fairy) close by, becaus then you fingers or anything else doesn't stick in the glue. also moulding is easier.
- if you work on the edges, something soft like Elmukelmu is good, but if you do flatter hull with less curvature, try instead some more stiff film, like those ancient overheadprojector platics. Elmu is a bit flimsy if you work flat surfaces. also good idea to use detergent on the film.
I seriously recommend also try out on small piece first and practising on something less valuable than a board is a good idea.

Your professional repair guy will very certainly use something similar, he probably uses little more advanced materials (maybe ready kevlar pieces) but for us regular trodders there is only Biltema, Motonet, etc (easily) available...
Please ask him for work description and upload here. That is worth sharing and I doubt he considers it confidential or secret.