Maui Ultra Fins fixed harness lines

Maui Ultra Fins fixed harness lines

Postby MichailHanko » 29.4.2022 11:54

we are sure these are one of the best harness lines on the market
High-density and abrasion-resistant PU tubing
Very robust, pre-stretched rope
Inner part of the loop is upholstered with leder-kind material and thus do not tear off your boom
Very firm and robust loops - harness lines stay in firm position on the slim booms (not only in January lol)
MUF harness lines 22" - 27e
MUF harness lines 24" - 28e
MUF harness lines 26" - 29e
MUF harness lines 28" - 30e
MUF harness lines 30" - 32e
MUF harness lines 32" - 32e
MUF harness lines 34" - 33e
MUF harness lines 36" - 34e
Available in sunny Hanko

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