Making a board - Need some translate help

Making a board - Need some translate help

Postby scottinfinland » 10.4.2020 10:16

Hi, so as you can guess from this post, I don't speak Finnish but live here in Finland.

Have decided to build a big board for light wind and to progress upwind as I'm still pretty new to the sport.

Have been searching to try and find marine plywood (merivaneri) as this what I have researched to be best.

A friend of mine found this on k rauta - ... 8313278665

Would that also work?

Looked at lots of tutorials and for first time trial a single sheet cut to specification seems to be right.

So if anyone can suggest a place to buy the right ply wood / wood from somewhere in Uusimaa then that would be great!


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Re: Making a board - Need some translate help

Postby pekka s » 12.4.2020 10:23

The one in K-Rauta is OK. It is lighter than marine ply wood /merivaneri/vesivaneri.

When you laminate with fiberglass then you should choose the lightest material - and it is havuvaneri if you have decided to to do it from plywood. If you do not laminate with fiberglass the board then the marine plywood =merivaneri=vesivaneri is the best.
In marine plywood the glue is not water soluable and the wood is birch.

Havuvaneri is the lightest one and wood used is pine or spruce.

I and my friend did some pine/spruce plywood with glassfiber and carbonfiber boards when we started the sport. Without Carbon stripes ( width 15 cm) the board will be too soft or you have to laminate many layers of glass and the board will be vary heavy.

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