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Dutch Kiter visiting

PostPosted: 21.6.2014 17:47
by Frenkul
Hello fellow kiters!

I am posting this message because i will be studying in Helsinki from August untill the end of December.
Therefore i was wondering around what the possibilities are to kite over there.

My Name is Frank, I live in the Netherlands and I'm 23 years old. I've been kiting for a few years now. I would say i have al the basic kiting skills but i
didnt have as much as practise as i wanted to. I think i've been kiting for about 8-12 days a year. Thats why would love to
continue the kiting in Helsinki.

Would it be good to bring over all of my own kite gear or is it also able to rent a kite and board for a good price?
It would be nice to meet up with some kiters if possible! :D I dont know if there are some nice kite communities over there..

Re: Dutch Kiter visiting

PostPosted: 7.7.2014 15:28
by Otso

In Helsinki the spots are limited but you can find some if you can stay upwind and dont worry too much about rocks. The spots are in Lauttasaari and Kallvik. In Hanko you can find better beaches for beginners but it's 2hrs from Helsinki.

Renting a kite might be difficult in here... so i recommend taking your own kites

Link to a more active group, this bb isnt too active:)

and if you have further questions i recommend to send them to the facebook group for faster answers

Re: Dutch Kiter visiting

PostPosted: 8.8.2014 13:07
by Frenkul
Allright! Thanks a lot for the information. I'll check out the facebook page.