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PostPosted: 13.8.2012 10:59
by Ismo

Kiteboard Course Racing Rulebook 2013-2016 published

PostPosted: 27.9.2012 13:21
by Tomppa
IKA News:

Kiteboard Course Racing Rulebook 2013-2016 published

The International Kiteboarding Association has created, with the help of ISAFs Racing Rules Subcommittee, the 2013-2016 edition of the kiteboard course racing rule.

The Kiteboard Course Racing Rulebook for 2013-2016 has been released and created as a convenient book for sailors and officials for use at kiteboard course racing events.

The rules in it are identical to the corresponding rules in the Racing Rules of Sailing for 2013-2016. However, each rule in Appendix F has been moved into the appropriate rule in Parts 1-7 and each definition that is changed in Appendix F is shown in red.

Download the 2013-2016 Kiteboard Course Racing Rulebook
http://www.internationalkiteboarding.or ... &subid=831